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Selecting a Full-Service Provider for Funeral and Cremation in Belle Meade, TN

We offer everything you need from cemetery options to funeral and cremation services in Belle Meade, TN and nearby areas. At West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory, we provide the families in our community the most beautiful and peaceful setting for their loved one’s life celebration and final resting place since 1994. Our funeral home is designed with comfortable seating, a working fireplace, excellent lighting, and tasteful décor to create a serene setting for visiting with family and friends. Our rooms offer you and your family the privacy and comfort you deserve and need in your time of loss as each one is equipped with the latest in modern technology. Call us at 615-352-9400 and see why so many families have entrusted their loved ones to our care.

What Our Families Are Saying

Belle Meade TN Funeral Home And CremationsMaking final arrangements for services like a funeral and cremation in Belle Meade, TN, can be much easier to do with the support of a full-service funeral home. One reason for this is the simplification of logistics and planning with one firm instead of needing to piece services together from multiple providers. The industry experts at West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory care for your loved one through the process of bringing them to the facility until the deceased is fully prepared for the final resting place. 

Service Arrangements for Funeral and Cremation in Belle Meade, TN

There are many ways to prepare services related to funeral and cremation in Belle Meade, TN. Finding the services that will best meet the needs of your family and the close relations of the departed will make the experience both meaningful and cathartic. Here are some commonly chosen formats for death care services:

Funeral Services: A service that can range from simple to elaborate, the funeral service centers around the casketed remains. The casket plays a role in the honoring ceremonies. This component necessitates a brief window of time between the individual's death and their funeral services—typically a few days to a few weeks after the death date. Funerals can be layered with multiple events or just the actual funeral service. If a public viewing or visitation will be offered, this event generally occurs before the funeral. Honoring a life with a funeral service can yield closure for those who survive the loss.

Graveside Services: Honoring the deceased at the burial site is another format that can work well in some circumstances. The guest list might be more limited if the service is entirely held at the cemetery, though the specifics will depend on the regulations of that establishment. In addition, burial services could vary in length. Many times, this service style tends to be marked with brevity.

Life Celebration: A Life Celebration is an approach or attitude taken throughout the honoring services planned. A funeral could have a Life Celebration feel by focusing heavily on the life and legacy of the person who has died. By celebrating the meaningful portions of their life, this time of reflection can be a support to mourners. Life Celebrations can be facilitated for a client who has passed at any age if this is the format the family most wants.
Very often, Life Celebrations are held as a memorial service. This means it is planned without the deceased being present for the service in the casketed form. Cremated remains could be present in a memorial service, though. Memorials can be held many weeks or months down the road if that timeline better assists the closest relations with planning and traveling needs.

Ways to Prepare the Body for Final Disposition
One pressing decision that will need to be made after an individual dies is preparing and caring for the final remains. As soon as death occurs, the body begins the natural process of decomposition. This natural process can be delayed with a procedure called embalming. Embalming removes the fluids within the body and replaces them with chemicals that both sanitize and preserve the remains for a time. This can allow for public viewing of the dead if desired.
Embalming is not required by law, however, so if you would prefer to avoid this practice, it is acceptable to have the body washed, dressed, and shrouded or casketed without a public viewing service planned. An immediate burial or quick funeral timeline is often used if embalming is to be avoided.

Cremation is another means used to prepare the deceased remains for final disposition. Cremation services use a closed heatproof chamber to apply high heat that causes the body to combust until burned thoroughly. The remaining contents consist of some parts of the granularized bones and are known collectively as 'ashes'.

When Selecting a Cemetery, Look for What Matters to You
If burial is the final disposition placement for either cremated or casketed remains, you will need to choose a cemetery or memorial park of some kind. It can be helpful to find out the rules and regulations that govern the establishment you are considering for this need. If more natural burial options appeal to you, learn what accommodations can be made at the burial site you are considering. Ask about the visiting hours and closure dates that may be relevant. Find out what types of headstones or grave markers are allowed and what grave decorations can be set out.

Call Now to Schedule an Appointment for Immediate or Future Needs
As you make death care arrangements related to services like funeral and cremation in Belle Meade, TN, you'll be well supported by the respected professionals at West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory. Our facility is located at 6962 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209. Call (615) 352-9400 to schedule an appointment or to have your deceased loved one brought into our care.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. Why should I choose cremation?

  • There are several reasons you might prefer cremation services over burial or other forms of disposition. Cremation is often more affordable than other methods because there is no need for a casket or outer burial container. In addition, many people feel that choosing cremation means their loved one's remains will be conserved in a less invasive way, while still being treated with respect. Learn more about cremation services.

2. How should I deal with someone who is grieving?

  • They are likely feeling so many emotions at once - shock, sadness, anger - and are trying to work out how to best deal with all of them simultaneously. The best thing you can do for another person during their grief is by being patient, supportive, and non-judgmental throughout the entire period. Check out this grief resources we compiled.

3.  What is the difference between a public and private cemetery?

  • Public cemeteries are owned by cities, counties, or other government agencies while private cemeteries are operated on privately-owned land that has been granted some type of exemption or license to operate by the county or city in which it is located. The primary difference between the two types is that you must be a member of any private organization in order to purchase a plot, but this varies from one organization to another. Check out our cemeteries located in Middle Tennessee.


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