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Choosing Your Service Provider for Funeral and Cremation in Bellevue, TN

West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory is a compassionate funeral home that provides affordable funeral and cremation services in Bellevue, TN and its surrounding areas. For over 25 years, our mission has always been the same which is to co-create a meaningful life celebration service and permanent memorial which shares each person’s life’s passions, career, family, and friends. We give a 110% guarantee and have served thousands of families receiving high customer satisfaction reviews. We focus on the life lived and create uplifting life celebrations with you through our exclusive Legacy Gallery. We encourage you to come and visit our modern facility or give us a call at 615-352-9400 and our professional staff will assist you with all your funeral or cremation needs.

What Our Families Are Saying

Bellevue TN Funeral Home And CremationsWhen you need to make plans around service such as a funeral and cremation in Bellevue, TN, you'll want to retain the services of a full-service firm like West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory. They can help you with all of the services you might need, simplifying planning and giving you access to packaged discounts. Affordable complete care is in reach when you work with this well-established and experienced professional. 

Ways to Arrange Services for Funeral and Cremation in Bellevue, TN 

There are a few ways to approach the final service options to lay your loved one to rest respectfully. The first decision to make has to do with preparing the deceased remains for their final placement. Preparation can take a few different forms, including:

Cremation Services: We recommend cremation for the most flexible options with the final remains. If having the deceased remains continually near, even in your home, interests you, cremation can make it possible. On the other hand, if you prefer to have the remains scattered in a beloved natural setting, that can also happen due to cremation. Finally, cremated remains can be buried or entombed similarly to casketed remains.

The cremation process is straightforward. All required wait times and applicable paperwork will need to be in place prior to the procedure. Once cleared, the irreversible cremation process can begin. The body will be contained in a cremation casket or receptacle. This container is made from something lightweight that holds its shape. It maintains the deceased's dignity and protects the caretakers from undue contact with the corpse while the cremation is underway.

The contained remains are placed in the cremation chamber, where the flames will engulf the deceased until almost completely gone. The remaining bones potions that did not entirely consume are processed into a more uniform texture and returned to the family for final placement.

Embalming Services: Another approach to preparing human remains for final disposition is a process known as embalming. Embalming removes the fluids within the body and injects a chemical formula in its place. This formulation has properties that cleanse the remains to make them more sanitary and act as a temporary preservative against the natural process of decomposition.

Embalming is not a legal requirement. However, if the public presentation of the body will be offered, embalming may be required by your funeral home . Embalming tends to have the best results with the least amount of time between death and the start of the procedure. In every case, death is thoroughly verified before the process is started.

Minimal Preparation Services: If you don't wish for either of the above, the body can be prepared for a proper burial with minimal preparation. As with the other practices, the body will be held in cold storage before the time of interment. If you choose to forgo the more extensive processes detailed above, the sooner burial can take place, the better.

Honoring Your Deceased

Funeral Services, Memorials, and Life Celebration: Each of these honoring ceremonies serve as a means to honor the dead and support the grief-stricken family and friends with a final goodbye. Funerals are held with the deceased remains lying in repose at the service. A complete funeral and cremation in Bellevue, TN, can be combined for the same person. If this is to be done, the funeral should be held first. A casket can be rented to hold the remains for viewing and the honoring ceremony.

Memorials differ from funerals since the deceased remains are not present for this style of service. Cremated remains are an exception and could be part of a memorial. A Life Celebration focuses on the meaningful life and legacy that the departed individual has left. The Life Celebration works well with a memorial service format.

Selecting a Final Resting Place

If burial is to be the means of final disposition, you will need to choose a cemetery or other burial park to meet this need. You will want to fully understand the regulations that are applicable and enforced at the establishment you choose before you make your selection. There are often rules about headstones (materials, profiles, and what is allowed), grave decorations, visitation hours, and planned closure dates. Be sure the maintenance of the grounds meets with your approval and find out if there are monthly or annual fees for this upkeep.

Call for Immediate Assistance, or to Make Future Funerary Plans

If you need immediate help with planning services around a funeral and cremation in Bellevue, TN, or for upcoming and future needs, you will need a competent and caring provider. Call West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory at (615) 352-9400 to see why our professional team is a top-rated funerary firm. We are located at 6962 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209, for your convenience.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. Who is eligible for veteran funeral services?

  • Anyone who has served in the military is eligible. If the service person dies on active duty, their spouse and children can also be buried with rights of interment (burial) at a national cemetery. If they were retired, then only spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old can be buried with rights of interment. Parents or siblings cannot be buried unless they predecease the service member by more than 30 days. Learn more about veteran services.

2. What does 'life celebration' mean?

  • A life celebration is an alternate term for a memorial service or funeral. Instead of focusing only on mourning the loss of life, this type of event also focuses on celebrating everything that person did and who they were as a person. This is a time for family and friends to come together, share stories about that person, and focus on how much they meant to those people.

3. What is a funeral celebrant?

  • Funeral celebrants bring warmth and comfort to bear on their client's needs, offering effective and professional support at all stages of the funeral service process. Funeral celebrants vow to offer every family they meet an exceptional level of service and empathy, from the moment of initial contact with you until after the burial or cremation has taken place.

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