Joshua Buck Hampton

Resided in Bellevue, TN

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Joshua Buck Hampton was the youngest of twins born two and a half months premature. He weighed 4 pounds, spent the first month in the hospital. The twins were a miracle, to have survived at all. Being born so early and having absolutely nothing medically wrong with either one of them is a testament to Gods love and mercy. Statistically, 3 in 5 premature babies have a major medical trauma or dysfunction, but both of ours were perfectly healthy, just very small. And he quickly grew out of that. Joshua as a child was willful and headstrong, but also very sensitive. One day driving home, Josh was 5 years old, we were talking about what kind of pet we would like to have if we could have one (where we lived didn’t allow pets) and the kids were saying things like tigers and giraffes, Joshua said, “Mama what kind of pet would you get?” I said, “I always wanted to have a bird.” A few days later, I got a call at work, Joshua had broken both bones in his leg all the way through. He said he saw a bird landing in the dogwood tree in our front yard and he was going to get it for me. He drew a picture of the bird in the top of the tree and himself almost reaching it before he fell. That same night in the hospital, Joshua, a 5 year old, watched the nurse put a IV into his arm and didn’t cry. He was always such a brave little boy.
As a child he attended Harvest fields Baptist church even after moving to White bluff. Joshua always knew about the Lord and he spent a week at church camp once. One night, (I think he was 14.) He and 4 or 5 of his friends went to a church in White Bluff, they had been invited by a girl at school. Five of them were saved that night at that church, including Joshua. He took his bible everywhere he went. He said Jesus was a friend and he would pray like he was talking to one of his buddies.
Josh has always had great friends and was always very popular. There was once a dance at school and I ask him if he was going to go, he said well, five girls have asked me, but I don’t want to pick just one.
He was very athletic, worked out, would always go to play basketball or football with some group of friends. He started running, and would run even if it rained. He got a job at Dunkin Donuts and would run to work at 3am., then run home afterward. He saved up his paycheck and bought his truck with cash, because he didn’t want to owe anybody. He was always very independent. He was the kind of person who would do anything for you, but he didn’t stray from what he believed. He accepted people in a way that made everyone like him. He didn’t judge people by their skin, or their religion, or whatever. He was very proud of the way he was raised to love all people because they are God’s, too. Josh worked at several different jobs, mainly in restaurants, serving and cooking. He worked at the Golf club of Tennessee, as a chef. He loved food, would eat almost anything. He said he didn’t like anchovies, but he could eat them. He usually wanted potato candy instead of a birthday cake. When he first got a job, I think he ordered a dominos pizza every day. He ate trail mix all the time, but would never complain when His LivvieLu or Geos ate all the M&M’s out of it, he just smiled. Little children always love Josh and he was so patient with them.
Joshua did everything with all of his heart. Nothing halfway. He worked hard long hours, spent time with people who were important to him, played hard, loved music and you tube. He was often quiet and reserved, but just as often was playful and funny, rambunctious and competitive. He was strong and independent, but full of love for life and the people around him. He will be missed so much by those who were blessed to have known him. God allowed us to have Josh for a little while, and then He called Josh, mercifully, instantly and without pain, to be with him in Heaven.
Josh is preceded in death by his grandpa, James Wayne Meeks; Uncle James(Jamey) Meeks; Aunt, Connie Hampton, and several cousins.
He is survived by his mother, Kimberly (Michael) Beu of Nashville; Father Buck (Becky) Hampton; sisters, Brandi La Shay(Darwin Flores), Jessica(Jason) Picanzo; nephew, Geovany Flores; maternal grandparents, Ophelia(Ricky)Williams; paternal grandparents Buck Hampton and Rachel Reams; aunts, Vanessa Meeks, Teresa Hampton; cousins, Amber Meeks, James Stephen Seagroves, and Anthony Nunley.

4 Comments to Joshua Buck Hampton

  1. Billie Clark
    October 29, 2014 10:07 am

    We are so very sorry for the loss of this sweet young man. We are praying for comfort for everyone.

  2. Paulette Brown
    October 29, 2014 8:03 pm

    Kim and Family I am so sorry for your loss I am praying for you and God will ease your Pain and comfort you.

  3. Martha Nunley
    October 31, 2014 5:38 pm

    This is so precious to read. I know your heart is so broken. My thoughts and prayers are with you every step you take. I know Josh would smile if he read this…It ‘s like he could have written it himself…..and he did.

  4. Shirley Kay Crisp Smith
    October 31, 2014 8:11 pm

    Sitting here while the tears fall down my face. As I read this I feel the deep love and pride of a brokenhearted mother. All the precious memories, from the time she knew she would have a baby until the day she got the tragic news, all the emotions wrapped up in loving words to remember her son. No one has a heart like a mother. Dads love their children with a deep unfailing love, but that mother will hold memories and love in her heart that nobody else can feel or explain. It’s such a mystery to me why some people are called from this life at such a young age. Josh had so much to look forward to, so much life to enjoy, so many people who love him. Only God knows why and He knows we have questions and don’t understand. My prayer is He will send comfort as only He can. No arms are stronger than when you lean on The Lord and he holds you while you cry and tell Him, “I don’t understand”. He knows our pain, he sees our tears and he is the lifter of our head. Thank you Kim for sharing from your heart. This is beautiful. Josh will live on in our hearts and memories. I love you….

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