Stephen Gregory Webster

Departed on September 6, 2020

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Stephen Gregory Webster - age 46, passed away early September, 2020. Born long ago and far away. Mr. Webster Graduated Overton High School, 1992, Columbus State Community College in 1998, and MTSU in 2000 & 2010. Stephen worked for Pizza Hut for many years.
Survived by his parents, Bruce and Lin Webster; uncle, Dr. Marshall Ted Phelps, and other aunts, uncles and cousins. Steve says: “I was a slave to the medical community all my life, and I just wanted to be free." Memorial Service will be restricted due to Covid-19.

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  1. Margaret Langley O’Neal Nutt says:

    “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”

  2. Ray Smith says:

    I remember Stephen from the period that he worked at Brentwood Pizza Hut restaurant during the early to mid 1990s! We ate there many times and got acquainted with Stephen during our many visits He was such a positive, engaging personality who made the world a much better place! Our deepest condolences to Stephan’s family, friends, and loved ones!!

  3. Heide Crawford says:

    Stephen was a classmate of my son Kirk Crawford. As a parent, I was always great full for the great friendship they had growing up and shared to this day.
    I will always remember Stephen’s amazing smile and genuine kindness he always gave to me each time I saw him. You raised an incredible human being that will be missed.
    Peace to you both.

  4. Dan Loftin says:

    My first recollection of Steve was when my son Mark wanted to invite his classmate to spend the night so they coiuld play with their Star Wars collections. Since I had not met Steve, I asked my son what he was like: “He’s cool! He has a medical problem and the big kids pick on him a lot and he has this great Star Wars collection!” Well, how could I say no to such an endorsement! My wife and I had a chat and she made a phone call to Steve’s Mom and an overnight night visit was in the works! What a great kid: manners, a great smile and laugh and he even offered to help clean up! That was the first of several overnight adventures and then they both grew up and went off into the future! When I think of Steven, I see his smile and his enthusiam: two things I will never forget! Rest in peace young friend.

  5. Kirk Crawford says:

    I met Stephen at McMurray Middle School. He was an amazing guy from the start. Needless to say that all of the girls adored him. Stephen and I were friends throughout middle and high schools. Both of our statures were a challenge for us and there were a few times that we were able to be there for one another to comfort hurt feelings over being picked on. And so we would talk and help each other to keep a positive attitude and learned how to fit in. Mostly, we both made it out unscathed. Stephen kept in touch with me and we have stayed close over the last 15 years, attending bible study and singles events at each others churches. Stephen was always a solid friend. He had a strong relationship with Christ and he was always eager to pray for someone. He would be a friend to anyone. He never talked about anyone behind their back. He always had a positive attitude and he never felt sorry for himself. He was always so sincere and kind. I met some physically tough men while serving in the Army. And they were usually the ones that whaled the loudest when in pain. Stephen was one of those few men who suffered silently. He fought for so long, and took the suffering like a real man. He had and will always have my admiration. Rest easy brother, you are Home now.

  6. JOE FLANAGAN says:

    Such a lovely young man, a great part of the young singles group

  7. Dianne Benedict says:

    WOW STEPHEN, LIN & BRUCE‼️ I just read all of the above tributes and they blew me away‼️You three were so dedicated to each other for forty six years‼️ Your love was always so evident. Thank you for your witness to all of us. May God bless and keep you. ❤️ Buddy & Dianne Benedict

  8. Helen Wood says:

    People die, but love does not die. I knew Stephen only through writing Grace Notes

  9. Mary Lou Redding says:

    Stephen is finally free of all that limited him. Casey and I met him many years ago through the Hillcrest UM bowling group, and then he was part of our singles group at Brentwood UMC. He was a smart, funny, and kind man, and we will miss him. He has handled his medical issues with grace, but he has been especially weary these last few years. Peace to you, Bruce and Lin. I will be praying for you.

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