Tuan Duc Nguyen

Born on January 15, 1971

Departed on November 19, 2016 and resided in West Nashville, TN

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Biography of Tuan Duc Nguyen

Tuan Duc Nguyen (aka Vinh) was born on January 15, 1971 in Nha Trang, Vietnam.  Vinh came to America in 1983 at the age of 12.  Vinh attended Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma and he graduated in 1988.  Growing up, Vinh was an expert at mathematics.  He was able to solve the Rubik’s Cube at a very young age.  Vinh also had a keen taste for American muscle cars, and his passion for cars grew as he became older.  During his high school years, Vinh took on his first job at a vehicle detail shop that enable him to be exposed to and drive different types of cars.  To him, this was the best job that he can get his hands on without a degree.  Vinh was able to work and save up enough money and bought his first car, which was a brown, 1979 Fire Bird.  From that point on, he gained the knowledge on how to put performance parts on his car (known as hot rodding), and also restoring cars.  Vinh also loves to weight lift and he would work out many times a week.  He also has an interest in music.  He loves the Eagles, Scorpions, CC Catch, George Jones, and The Bee Gees.  When he first came to America, his favorite Song was “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions.  He would repetitively listen to this song.  Vinh also loved to go fishing, but oddly, he despises consuming fish.  After high school, Vinh attended Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee, Oklahoma to pursue a drafting design career, however, his college career fell short due to financial burdens at home.  Vinh left his college career in order to work full time to help take care of his mother and siblings.  He sacrificed most of his life for his family.  Vinh later got a job at Air Cooled Exchange in Tulsa, in which he made many valuable friendships.  Because of his fluency in English, Vinh was known as the problem solver in Tulsa amongst the Vietnamese community.  Vinh moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start a new life in September of 2002.  Vinh did not know anyone there, however, it did not take long for Vinh to make new friends.  He was well loved by the Nashville community.  There, he met his wife, Anh Thu Do, and the pair got married in July of 2005.  Vinh was well liked and respected by many.  The first thing that people usually say about Vinh is that he is the most kind, and generous person that they have ever met.  He will go above and beyond to help anyone who is in need.  He will sacrifice everything that he has for those who he loves the most.  He was hard working, and he never complained.  No matter how sick he was, or how tired he was, he never uttered a word of complaint.  Vinh has impacted so many lives in a positive light, and the beautiful memories of Vinh will forever live on.  He was a wonderful son, brother, husband, uncle, friend, and overall, a wonderful person.












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