William Clark "Billy" Rhodes

Born on April 7, 1956

Departed on June 30, 2020 and resided in Nashville, TN

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William (Bill) Rhodes of Nashville, TN died suddenly at home on July 7 at the age of 64. He is preceded in death by his parents RC and Ann, brothers Rodney and Johnny and sisters Patsy and Idella.  He is survived by cousins Debbie, Michael, David, Jim and Bobby along with his three dogs Edie, the apple of his eye, Petee and Teddy.


Bill had a full life with careers in bartending, recovery center support, insurance and building maintenance. He had the utmost respect and affection for his employer and fellow employees at Corporate Contracting.


Bill loved to play jokes on people and had no problem setting up pranks. He also loved to cook and to share what he cooked.  He would frequently bring meals to share with his coworkers.


When home Bill loved to plant flowers and vegetables. He had a huge heart and was a volunteer foster dad for Critter Cavalry Rescue for 10 years.  During that period Bill adopted Scrappy, a wonderful little scruffy dog who unfortunately died of cancer at a young age.  He subsequently adopted Edie several years later.  She and Scrappy looked remarkably alike as if they were related.  Bill fostered approximately 30 dogs as a volunteer and was instrumental in each adoption.


Bill was a very generous man. He would do anything for his friends.  He was the go to person for birthdays and reminded everyone whose birthday it was so no one forgot or did not get a Happy Birthday wish.  He was the ultimate talker and could easily turn a 10 minute conversation into an hour.  This was the subject of numerous jokes over the years.  We all now smile about it.  We are sure that he is talking to someone up there right now.


Rest In Peace!



3 Comments to Mr. William Clark "Billy" Rhodes

  1. Mark Cummings says:

    I am very sorry to hear this. Billy and I were friends since Second Grade, and I just got an email from him on June 23rd this year. My condolences to the family.

  2. Libby (Tune) Gentry says:

    This makes me sad. Billy and I were classmates as kids and went many years without seeing one another but were able to talk and catch up a few years back courtesy of another classmate. Love and prayers to Billy’s family. I will remember him always as a kind and sweet person.

  3. Misty Gundrum says:

    I am Billy niece im Patty’s daughter unfortunately after her tragic passing and my brother’s suicide i lost communication with with him but I am deeply saddened by his passing I do know my grandmothers house was to stay in the family howsoever he did sell her house to whomever took over as his executor I would really like any family airlooms and any pictures to please be returned to me only looking to preserve my family heritage not to cash in on a buck… so please get in touch with me on Facebook if you can help me in any way

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