Our Caregiver of the Month: Pennie Brooks

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Our most recent recipient of the Caregiver Award is Pennie Brooks from Alive Hospice. Once you read her nomination, I am sure you will agree she represents what the spirit of a caregiver should be!

As a new employee at Alive, I had the chance to shadow Pennie Brooks as she made the rounds to see patients. It was an awe-inspiring and humbling experience as I saw Pennie treat every bedside as a sacred space. She said, “If people allow us in, we can help make a death as beautiful as a birth.” Her warm, loving spirit comes across to all the families she sees. Even if the patient does not have consciousness, her care is reverent, patient, and giving. Pennie deserves all the appreciation and accolades we can bestow.

Nominated by Paige Bainbridge

From L to R: Christopher Taylor, Dr. Anh Meadows – Senior Director of Medical Services, Pennie Brooks and Michell Price


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