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What Is a Life Celebration? What You Should Know

Published: September 5, 2022
by West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory

For years now, funeral homes in Belle Meade, TN have helped families to plan funerals and memorial services for their loved ones. But more recently, they’ve also started to offer families another option. Instead of staging a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, a family can now plan out a life celebration for them. So, what is a life celebration, and why would a life celebration potentially be a great option for your loved one? Here is everything you need to know about life celebration.

What is a life celebration?

A life celebration is a lot like a funeral or memorial service in that it’s usually held right after a person has died. But more often than not, it won’t be held right away. It’ll typically be held once a person’s body has either been buried or cremated. It also differs from a funeral or memorial service in that it’s designed to be a true celebration of a person’s life and not a sad and somber event. Families will typically hold life celebrations at restaurants, banquet halls, etc.

What are the benefits of a life celebration?

Life celebrations have begun to get more popular over the years because of all the benefits that come along with them. First and foremost, some families have fallen in love with the idea of holding life celebrations due to the fact that they’re seen as happy events and not sad ones like funerals and memorial services. They feature food, music, and more to set the right tone. Families also appreciate that they don’t have to rush to plan life celebrations. They’re welcome to hold them at just about any time after a loved one’s death.

How can you plan a life celebration?

If your family is interested in planning a life celebration for a loved one, you should start by finding a Belle Meade, TN funeral home that can assist you. Not every funeral home is going to be equipped to lend a hand to families when it comes to life celebrations. From there, you’ll want to decide when and where you’re going to hold a life celebration. You’ll also want to customize a life celebration so that it’s unique to your loved one. And of course, you should make every effort to make sure that the right people are in attendance at a life celebration.

How much will a life celebration cost?

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The total cost of a life celebration is going to vary. There are some small life celebrations that will only cost a few hundred dollars. There are other large life celebrations that can set families back thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars. You and your family will need to come up with a budget for a life celebration prior to planning one out. It’ll enable you to hold a life celebration that your family will be able to afford.

Do you want to stage a life celebration for a loved one? Our funeral home can help you do it. We can also assist you with all the other aspects of the Belle Meade, TN funeral planning process. Call us today to speak with a funeral director about mapping out a life celebration.

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