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How to Display a Loved One's Remains in Your Home

Published: December 12, 2022
by West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory

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Families have been bringing their loved one's cremated remains home with them following cremation services in Belle Meade, TN for a long time now. But they haven't always been putting them out on display for all to see. If this is an option that you and your family are considering, you will want to take the right steps to ensure that your loved one's display is everything you want for it to be. Here is a useful guide on how to display a loved one's remains in your home.

Begin By Selecting The Right Urn For Your Loved One's Remains.

If you're going to display a loved one's remains in your home in the aftermath of their Belle Meade, TN cremation, you will want to choose the right urn for them. This urn should work well with everything else that you have in your home so that it doesn't stand out too much. Whether you decide to go with a metal urn, a stone urn, or a wooden urn, you should put some serious thought into which urn you're going to select.

Look At The Options You'll Have When It Comes To Where You Can Put Your Loved One's Remains.

Once you've got an urn for your loved one's remains all picked out, you can have the remains placed in it and bring it home. From there, you'll need to think about where you would like to place your loved one's remains in your home. Some people will put them on a table in their foyer so that they see the remains every time they walk into or out of their house. Other people will position them on a fireplace mantel or in a hutch. You're welcome to choose whichever spot you would like as long as it isn't a place that will put your loved one's remains in any danger.

Find Photos And Other Mementos To Put Around Your Loved One's Remains.

After you've chosen where you're going to put your loved one's remains, you should look for other things that you can position around them. For instance, you might want to put out some photos of your loved one that showcase them throughout the course of their life. Or you might want to put something like a special watch that your loved one always wore out on display with their remains. You don't need to create a whole shrine for your loved one, but their display should include at least a few items that remind you of them.

Work To Keep The Area Surrounding Your Loved One's Remains Clean.

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When you get the display for your loved one's remains all set up, you can sit back and enjoy the look of it. But don't enjoy it for too long since dirt and dust are going to begin to attack it almost right away. With this in mind, you should get into the habit of cleaning your loved one's display early and often. You should also keep clutter away from it so that your loved one's urn doesn't accidentally end up getting knocked over.

Before families can even think about bringing their loved one's remains home, they'll need to plan Belle Meade, TN cremations for them. Our funeral home can help you throughout the cremation planning process and see to it that you're able to get a loved one's remains back fast. Contact us now for all your family's cremation needs.

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