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Do Religions Let People Choose Cremation Services?

Published: October 10, 2022
by West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory

As recently as just a century ago, most of the major religions scattered throughout the world were against the idea of people choosing cremation. As a result, there weren’t that many people that decided to go with cremation services in Nashville, TN. But over time, at least some religions have changed the way in which they look at cremation. You should make sure you see where your religion stands before deciding whether or not you would like to go with cremation services for yourself. Read more about this topic below so that you can see if cremation will be an option for you.

There are still some religions that are against cremation.

Although many religions have altered their stances on Nashville, TN cremations, some of them still don’t allow people to choose cremation services. Judaism is one great example of this. Islam is another. If you’re a part of these religions, you will not be able to use cremation services even if you want to. If you were to choose cremation, you would be going against your religious beliefs.

But most religions have gotten on board with the cremation craze.

While some religions continue to outlaw cremation, the vast majority of them have finally come around to accepting cremation services. Catholicism is a wonderful example of this. For years, the Catholic Church was against allowing cremation. But about 60 years ago, it finally decided to give people the green light to choose cremation services if they wanted to. Most branches of Christianity have also started to let people choose cremation services if they want.

Certain religions do have stipulations in place regarding cremation.

Even though many religions are now on board with the idea of allowing cremation, certain religions have put stipulations in place for those who choose it. Catholicism is, once again, a good example of a religion that has done this. The Catholic Church lets people choose cremation services, but they must still have a traditional Catholic funeral. Their cremated remains also need to be buried in a cemetery as opposed to being taken home or scattered.

You should speak with a religious leader to see where your religion stands on cremation.

cremation services in Nashville, TN

It can be a little bit confusing trying to figure out where your religion stands on cremation. So if you’re not sure about how your religion feels about cremation, you should try to connect with a religious leader to get the inside scoop. A pastor, priest, rabbi, etc. will be able to give you a good overview of how your religion feels about cremation. They’ll also be able to tell you what you should keep in mind if you decide that cremation services are your best option.

Would you like to see where your religion stands on you choosing a Nashville, TN cremation? A funeral director from our funeral home can provide you with the information you’re looking for. Contact us now to schedule a meeting with one so that you can learn more about your religion’s stance on cremation services.

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