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Published: July 25, 2022
by West Harpeth Funeral Home & Crematory

cremation services in Belle Meade, TN

Is your family going to take a loved one’s cremated remains and scatter them in a special place following their upcoming cremation services in Belle Meade, TN? If you are, you might already have that special place all picked out. But if you’re undecided on where you would like to scatter the remains, you should take the time to learn about your options will be. Here are several of the top places to scatter a loved one’s remains.

On a mountaintop

There are well over 70,000 named mountains scattered throughout the country. You might want to see if you can scatter a loved one’s remains on top of one after their Belle Meade, TN cremation is complete. Many of these mountains will allow you to scatter a loved one’s remains as long as you follow a few simple rules and regulations. You’ll be able to leave your loved one’s remains in a very majestic place when you take this approach to scattering them.

Out at sea

Was your loved one who enjoyed spending as much time out on the water as they possibly could? If they were, you might want to kick around the idea of scattering your loved one’s remains at sea. You won’t be able to legally scatter them right off the coast. The U.S. Coast Guard requires families to go at least three nautical miles off the coast to scatter remains. But it might be well worth taking a trip like this if you want to scatter your loved one’s remains in the water where they enjoyed spending a lot of their time.

In the middle of a national park

You might not automatically assume that national parks would allow families to scatter their loved one’s remains. But believe it or not, many of the national parks throughout the country will give families the opportunity to do just that. Just like when you scatter a loved one’s remains on a mountain or out at sea, you will have to follow some basic guidelines to scatter a loved one’s remains in a national park. But wouldn’t it be cool to know that your loved one’s remains are going to spend eternity in a national park?

In a cremation garden

cremation services in Belle Meade, TN

If you want to keep your loved one’s remains a little bit closer to home, you might want to look into scattering their remains in a cremation garden. Many cemeteries have started to set up cremation gardens so that families have a place to scatter remains. When you decide to scatter a loved one’s remains in a cremation garden, you’ll be able to go back to the garden whenever you want. It will give you and your family a place to gather to pay tribute to your loved one.

Before you and your family can scatter a loved one’s remains, you’ll need to have their cremation carried out. Our funeral home has lots of experience with Belle Meade, TN cremations and can see to it that your loved one’s cremation goes off without a hitch. Give us a call today for all your cremation needs.

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